“It was a pleasure to welcome Tricia into our home to aid in training our pup Lily!  Tricia is absolutely amazing, dedicated and patient!  We couldn’t be happier i the improvement of Lily’s behavior.” Derrick & Laura W. (Lily)


“Tricia is an outstanding dog trainer who is patient with dogs and their owners.  After the first visit, we saw results with out dog.  I loved that Tricia checked in to see how Peanut was doing and answered my texts during the week when issues arose.”  Maxine & Dan Y. (Peanut)










Cooper & Maddie

“We were incredibly pleased with the service/training Tricia provided.  She was able to greatly improve the obedience of our lab and teach our terrier which we thought would be impossible.”  Jeromie & Dana H. (Cooper & Maddie) 



“Tricia is a compassionate and talented trainer with lots of patience.  She takes her time to find what works best for the dog (and owners).  Our dog, Cody, bonded very well with Tricia.” Rod & Karen B. (Cody) 



“Tom and I really appreciated the time and attention Tricia spent with the three of us.  We looked forward to her visits. Tricia helped us with Matilda’s growth on the things she learned.  Tricia was very available to answer any of our concerns and in providing alternatives to assist Matilda and us.  We recommend her services to assist with the training of your pet.” Thomas Q. & Kerry O. (Matilda). 



“I highly recommend Tricia as an exceptional dog trainer.  She has a unique talent for both teaching the dog as well as his/her owner. The highest compliment I can share is that in her time with “us”, I have formed a closer bond with my dog.  She is kind, knowledgeable and extremely caring.  I highly recommend her without reservation.  Training dogs is both her love and passion.  Both of these traits will be evident as your dog spends precious time with her”. John W. (Scout)



“Tricia demonstrated her expertise as a dog trainer while working with Zach and I.  She fully explained how to get Zach to do the “asked for” behavior. She fully supported me during all training sessions.  Tricia accommodated my visual challenge by providing me with large print information sheets.  She was always available by phone and checked in between the training sessions to make sure we were making progress and for any questions we may have had.  Her assessments and final evaluations were thorough.  Tricia made all training sessions fun.  I would highly recommend Tricia as a dog trainer”.  Sharon R.  (Zachariah)


“Our family was looking for someone who would help us find a family dog – but we had very specific criteria including being hypo-allergenic. I had found Tricia Ward through an advertisement she had placed in the Merchandiser Newspaper, and decided to give her a call. Careful to listen to all my concerns, Tricia immediately began the search and utilized her resources. She reported back to me several times and after several weeks, put me in contact with the family I would purchase Molly from. As busy executives, my husband and I did not have time for full-time training but we were positive we would not have an unruly dog in our house and at our office each day. So I called upon Tricia again to train our new puppy from weeks 9 – 12. Molly stayed with Tricia during the week and our family would test out Molly’s progress in our home on the weekends. After 4 weeks of training, Molly could sit, high five, up, stay, go in her pen, fetch, bring-it, and sometimes drop and leave it. She was well on her way to becoming a well-mannered puppy. Of course, puppy training is never complete without good follow through. Molly has her naughty puppy moments and at times can be quite stubborn, but consistency keeps her on target to becoming a well adjusted member of the family.  We would highly recommend Tricia Ward as she is very professional, always courteous, patient, follows through, and goes out of her way to accommodate her client’s needs. Eric and Tracy L. (Molly)


“Tricia offered a solid foundational training for beginner owners like us with multiple family members.  She patiently worked with each family member, teaching them to train the dog and spent the time needed to address any  troubling issues.  She was a great encouragement to us as we worked to make our rescue dog become part of the family!”  Renee B. (Ember)


 “I worked with Tricia for a week while I was in town before moving to  New York City with my 80 pound, 11 month old German Shepherd.  Before working with Tricia, I was scared to take my dog out on a walk because she pulled so badly and was easily distracted by dogs, birds, etc. and often barked or lunged towards them.  Tricia helped me through 5 sessions jammed into one week and the progress in such a short time was unbelievable.  I now feel comfortable walking my dog in a crowded city, something I was scared to do anywhere. She walks by my side, sitting when I stop and turning when I do, its’s incredible. Tricia was understanding and willing to work through the problems I had with my dog. She truly cares about the dogs, their owners, and the bond between them.  Ginny J. (Clicquot) 


“Jessie was a rolly-polly, fluffy puppy when she came to our family.  We always wanted a Labrador Retriever.  At the time my mother was very sick so I had no time to train Jessie.  When Jessie a year old, Tricia became her trainer. Jessie learned to sit, stay and wait immediately.  Tricia assessed Jessie’s behavior and developed a plan to help her learn.  At all times, Tricia was positive and enthusiastic.  Jessie just loved her and anyone could see Tricia loved animals.  I feel so lucky to have found such a wonderful, thoughtful trainer. Tricia was god-sent.”  Barbara C. (Jessie)



“Tricia cares.  That is evident from the moment she walks through your door.  As first time dog owners, we needed as much training as our puppy, Grace.  Tricia delivered tremendously on both fronts.  After an initial discussion about our needs and how things would work, Tricia had Grace responding to hand signals in 5 minutes!  Tricia’s knowledge, kindness, compassion and genuine love for her clients is truly special and we whole-heartedly recommend her for all of your dog training needs.”  John & Sarah B. (Grace)



“My dog Jake and I are more than happy to recommend Tricia, owner of Happy Heart K9, for any and all dog training services. Jake was originally trained and worked as a service dog. It had been my life long dream to have a therapy dog. Tricia had never trained a dog for testing as a registered therapy dog.  She took on the challenge and did a lot of research.  She contacted schools and nursing homes and made arrangements for us to visit to get Jake exposed to such environments to help him transition from a service dog to a therapy dog. She also provided the necessary training needed in order to pass the therapy dog test. Best of all, we passed the therapy dog test!  Tricia goes the extra mile. She spends as much time as necessary for each session.  She also has a special way about her in which she truly bonds with the dog.  Jake loves her and loves to spend time with her.  I can’t thank Tricia enough for all of her time, training sessions and tips and especially, her encouragement.  I intend to work with her again so Jake can learn some new tricks to use when we go out on therapy visits at schools and nursing homes.”  Beth C. (Jake) 



“Tricia came to our house for MoJo’s first training sessions. She took the time to see how MoJo interacted with our family. She also met me at the park to work with him. She treated him with love, and taught me how to keep his attention focused on me.” Linda G. (Mojo)



Jackson & Chester

“Super happy with the help and training.  Not just for the dogs but for us as well. Tricia was very patient with us and the dogs.  Definitely would recommend her services.  Always willing to help and go above and beyond.”  Michael M. (Jackson and Chester)



“Tricia is great.  She loves my dogs.  She is consistent and explains everything.  She listened to my problems and offered a solution for each instance.  Consistency is key.  Tricia is dedicated to helping you succeed.  I would highly recommend her.” Ann T. (Apollo)  



“We are absolutely thrilled with the services Happy Heart K9 provided to train our new high energy 8 month old puppy!  Tricia is a trained professional who has a comprehensive and structured approach to training our dog, matching our needs and the dog’s needs and ability. She is well versed and methodical in her training of both the pet and owners to understand how best to work together to achieve the objectives of the training with repeatable verbal, physical and visual clues necessary to communicate.  She is patient and provides realistic and understandable instruction which can be independently performed and reinforced.  Our dog learned a large number of commands which make him a better family companion and host when guests are in our home.  He also learned how to properly walk while on a lead and how to control his prey/chase instincts when he is in the yard.  We are very pleased and feel the time and financial investment achieved quick and valuable results.”  Lee S. and Linda R. (Yogi) 









Casey and Patrick

“Tricia was very patient and catered to our two rescue dogs, both with special needs and issues.  Patrick is not afraid of the staircase anymore and Casey is learning to “place”. Ray and Lois H. (Casey and Patrick)



Paddy & Maggie

“In 2018 when my husband passed away, we realized there was a huge hole left in our lives and in our hearts.  Soon after, my daughter, Carolyn, and I adopted a puppy and a senior dog with medical issues.  Tricia came into our home and our hearts and enabled us to bond as a family of four.  She was so patient with us and informative on how to handle the dogs and their behaviors.  This is not just her job or career but her passion.  We highly recommend her training sessions, so worth it.” Nancy W. & Carolyn W. (Paddy and Maggie)