LILY – Adopted into a wonderful home with a loving family. One of the greatest families I have ever worked with. The two daughters were amazing – very dedicated with Lily’s training. Lily did very well with her training program and thereafter went to doggie daycare!

PEANUT – Adopted / rescued by a wonderful family. His name suited him well. Not only adorable but a lot of personality as well. Peanut did very well in his training program! I enjoyed working with Peanut and his wonderful family.

PADDY – Picture of Paddy when first rescued as a puppy from the shelter. One can clearly see why his owners fell in love with him immediately. I did too! They also rescued another dog that day, Maggie. She had a few medical conditions and they fell in love with her as well. Two dogs rescued that day into the arms of loving owners!

PADDY – Current picture of Paddy relaxing on the couch. All he needs is a beer and a football game! He is such a sweet, intelligent boy. He has so much character. Luckily, he is my neighbor and I will get to see him from time to time!















JACKSON – Brother of Chester. My client and neighbor as well. Happy that I will get to see him from time to time and watch him grow. Great dog. First Newfoundland dog I ever worked with!


CHESTER – Brother of Jackson. and my neighbor as well. Will get to see them from time to time and grow. Great dogs!












MUGS – “Mugs the Pug”. One of my recent clients. Anxiously awaiting a treat!

CODY – Loves to go camping and hiking with his Mom and Dad. Also a Philadelphia sports fan!


SCOUT – A very sweet, intelligent dog. She was a rescue through the SPCA. She learned basic obedience training and is getting ready to take the Canine Good Citizen Test. She and her Dad have a very special bond.

ZACHARIAH – a rescue, from the SPCA. Transferred to Pennsylvania after Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico. He has found his loving, forever home with his Mom and two feline siblings.

MATILDA – A very sweet, loving English Springer Spaniel puppy. A very smart girl as well – learned quickly!














JAKE – My first therapy dog training client. Former service dog, now a registered therapy dog. Will spend his free time at a school where students will read to him and also, visiting residents at a nursing home.


MEMPHIS – My nephew! Chilling on the couch and perfectly posed!

ELLIE – My Niece! Has a lot of brothers and sisters living with her on her beautiful farm.






GRACE – One of my recent clients, enjoying a relaxing day on the beach with her Mom and Dad!


MADDIE – A stunning, beautiful silver labrador. Had a litter of 8 puppies mid-way through her training program!