Pawsitive Training for Your Best Friend



A dog isn’t just a dog. A dog is also our best friend, our companion, our protector, playmate, inspiration and connection to a simpler, loving world. Most importantly, a dog is a member of our family. From puppies to rescues, every dog needs to have a fulfilled and balanced life.  A life with physical stimulation, mental stimulation, communication, and most of all, love.

Dogs need to be shown what is expected of them. They also need consistency, communication, trust and respect to teach and guide them to the proper behaviors. Dogs need and want us to provide effective leadership.  This is done through training.

Training is a form of communication between you and your dog. Training is also another word for teaching your dog how to live successfully in human society. A dog who is given guidance and support and who understands how we want him or her to act is a confident, happy dog. A dog who is confident and happy with people and other animals, at home or out in the world, is a pleasure to own and be around.

My goal is to help your dog learn to be a thinking dog. It is by understanding a dog’s body language and learning, that we are able to achieve success through training. Training helps you develop, build and strengthen the special bond that you have with your dog. A special bond that you will share for life. Dogs are dogs, after all, and since they don’t speak our language, the only way we can effectively communicate with them is if we learn to talk and think dog. Not only will your dog receive training, you will as well.  Dogs can also teach us lessons.  They teach us how to be happy and how to love unconditionally. They are the best companions for sharing life’s memories, important lessons, and also for helping you reach certain milestones in your life.

My expertise includes basic, advanced and specialized training techniques and behavioral modification techniques for both puppies and adult dogs.  My training techniques utilize your dog’s natural drive, instincts, and temperament.  My training approach and techniques have a solid foundation in learning theory of how dogs respond and learn effectively.  The use of positive reinforcement methods when teaching your dog has been universally endorsed by the behavioral scientific community at large as the most effective, long-lasting, humane and safest method in dog training. Otherwise stated, positive reinforcement means that if you reward a behavior you like, there’s a better chance of that behavior being repeated.  I encourage people to use whatever reward motivates their dog, whether it’s treats, praise, play, toys or life rewards like going for a walk or getting a belly rub.  Such training can not only train a dog but also transform the dog’s behavior as well.   Positive reinforcement training does more than teach your dog to sit, stay and come – it is a set of guiding principles that enriches the relationship between us and our dogs through positive reinforcement, effective leadership and an ability to truly communicate with the dogs we love.

I offer convenient private training sessions in the comfort of your own home. Private lessons will work around your schedule and give you the opportunity to have one-on-one lesson time which will focus on your individual needs. This gives you and your dog my undivided attention as opposed to group classes, which concentrate on a group of people and dogs.

My greatest sense of accomplishment comes from helping an owner form a strong, respectful, lasting, loving bond with their dog by using proper communication, proven positive reinforcement and humane discipline to gain motivated consistent behaviors.I am dedicated to helping dogs and their families live a harmonious, healthy relationship together in using training, leadership, clear, consistent communication, and fairness.  This method boosts balance, self-confidence, strengthens relationships and builds trust between humans and their dogs

I pride myself in providing pawsitive services to you and your dog.  I can assure you that your dog will be treated as if it were my own.  It is my goal to keep your dog as a happy member of your family and forever be in your home.